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Friday, March 5, 2010

Approving the Minutes

Q. What is the proper procedure for approving the minutes?

In Robert's In Brief on page 14, you will see the correct procedure for handling the minutes.

This motion and the motion to adjourn are so routine, that they are best done by unanimous consent. Robert's recognizes that the normal steps -- move, second, state the question -- are not necessary. Simply have the chair say: "Are there any corrections to the minutes? . . . If there are no corrections, the minutes are approved." If no one objects to this, the minutes have been adopted by unanimous consent.

You are doing the right thing for your organization by learning more about procedure. Remember that the rules exist to help the assembly, not to burden it.

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  1. At a meeting, is it required, recommended or unnecessary for the secretary to write down and include the name of the person who seconds a meeting's minutes?